Welcome to Sushiya Bento!

In Japanese "Sushiya" simply means sushi restaurant.
Our philosophy is to offer our guests high quality sushi and Japanese specialties – no frills.
All our meals are freshly made and not prepared in advance.

A "Bento" is a traditional Japanese box in which food can be transported without losing its aesthetic shape. In our case "Bento" stands for the take-away option. You can order all our meals for takeaway to enjoy them at the office or at home.

On the following pages we present our appealing Japanese delicacies.
We also want to introduce you to our sushi course - a great opportunity for colleagues and friends to gain experience in preparing sushi. We also offer live cooking for special occasions.

Our chef Jiang, who has gained a lot of experience as a sushi specialist at various high-class sushi
restaurants in Munich, is looking forward to your visit.

You can order our meals by phone and pick them up at the restaurant.
We do not offer a delivery service at the moment, but plan to do so in the future.

Our opening times:


Monday - Sunday 5pm - 11pm

You have the opportunity to watch our chef Jiang preparing your sushi during our opening hours.

Sushiya Bento Restaurant